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Recognition for Prior Learning

BBT Training Australia RPL ( Recognition for Prior Learning )Assessment Material Package

The new legisaltion for High Risk Work Specifies that RPL (Recognition for prior Learning) is an integral part of the learning strategy.  BBT Training Australia offers an RPL assessment  package/procedure. This package/procedure  is suited to applicants who have sufficient workplace and task oriented skills and can competently perform tasks as mandated in the assessment instruments.  This package will be mailed  to you,you and your supervisor/s will be required to fill out forms that certify that you have the skills and competency to be considered for assessment of a HRW(High Risk Work) licence. The BBT training procedure will also include an onsite visit so that a BBT Training representative can verify your competency and experience   
The package  includes;
  1. BBT Training Australia Pre assessment Checklist
  2. BBT Training Australia Training manual
  3. BBT Training Australia Record of Training ( Log book )
  4. BBT Training Australia Third Party Report ( supervisor Sign off)
  5. The relevant WorkCover NSW assessment Instrument
  6. Pre -assessment preparation Q&A  

Cost - $Talk to BBT Training for further information

Obtaining  BBT Training Australia Assessment Material package
Obtaining your package is easy . Send an email to info@bbttraining.com.au or phone our office during office hours .
Payment can be made in person ,using Cash Cheque EFTPOS or Credit Card
or you may also pay by Credit Card over the Phone  02 42717688
We look forward to assisting you in your RPL assessment procedure